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What Services Do We Provide?

The largest bathroom remodeling franchise offers full bathroom remodeling for the massive middle class market

When it comes to remodeling franchises, it is hard to imagine a brand with more knowledge and expertise than Re-Bath. We’ve remodeled millions of bathrooms since our founding in 1979. Our brand has grown to nearly 150 locations around the country, and we’ve become the industry standard for an innovative brand that sets trends through bathroom remodeling business ideas with universal appeal. The Re-Bath brand is also known far and wide for our commitment to offering exceptional customer service, affordable and beautiful products, and for having the fastest remodeling time in the business.

Before and after of a remodeling franchise project

For Re-Bath bathroom remodeling franchise owners, our commitment to quality and innovation culminates in an extremely lucrative business model. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Re-Bath’s primary competition — the average general contractor — brings in about $93,000 a year in revenues. Our figures show that the average Re-Bath franchisee brings in seven figures in gross sales.

CEO Brad Hillier describes the advantages of owning a Re-Bath home improvement franchise

In the course of our history, we have developed a myriad of products that are now commonly used across the United States: our famously beautiful and affordable acrylic bathtubs and wall systems, our replacement bathtubs and shower bases, our DuraBath® SSP material (which won’t crack and resists mold and mildew), and our DuraBath® SSP walk-in tubs — popular with those who wish to safely age in place.

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No one does ‘remove and replace’ better than we do

The finished work of our remodeling franchise bathroom remodeling business ideasThe beauty of the Re-Bath model is that we are in the remove and replace business. We do not gut the walls or rewire the electrical components, we simply strip away the ugly and refashion the bathroom with new products that match the dreams of our customers.

“The beauty of our business model is that it is centered around ‘remove and replace,’ ” says Marty Rasmussen, President of Re-Bath. “This helps keep our franchisees profitable because they can do a professional job very quickly. This allows them to do many more jobs than the average small-time contractor. It takes us one to three days in wet areas, and the full bathroom remodel is done in three to five days. The average time for the rest of the industry is three to five weeks. We have one franchisee who will remodel 1,000 bathrooms this year, which is many jobs per day.”

Re-Bath franchise bathroom remodeling business ideas

Our exceptional service is the reason for our rapid growth

The world’s largest bathroom remodeling franchise is rapidly expanding, due in no small part to our innovative bathroom remodeling business ideas and exceptional level of service. There isn’t a general contractor who can compete with not only our product offering and our prices, but also with our ability to consistently remodel bathrooms that exceeds our customers’ expectations. As a large and well-known brand, we can also offer financing so that our customers can get the remodel of their dreams.

Re-Bath Remodeling Franchise

We’re looking for savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about the remodeling industry, as well as general contractors who want to diversify their existing businesses by adding revenue streams.

“Right now, we’re generating $175 million in annual revenue,” Marty says. “In the coming years, we fully expect to have 300 franchisees generating $300 million to $400 million in revenue. With our innovative product offering and the lack of significant competition, we are well-positioned to actualize our goals.”


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