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Training and Support?

Re-Bath bathroom remodeling franchise owners receive first-rate ongoing support that exceeds what the rest of the industry can offer

Re-Bath is the world’s largest bathroom remodeling franchise. Having remodeled millions of bathrooms since our founding in 1979, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to maximize profits for our franchisees. Our secret? We provide the best training and ongoing support to help franchisees with starting a remodeling business or converting an existing one.

The Re-Bath corporate team has decades of experience in growing franchise brands, and we know that part of what makes our franchisees successful is the systems we’ve developed to ensure that our franchisees know how to manage every aspect of their business — from setting realistic business goals, to winning business, to hiring skilled employees, to becoming experts in our products, to product installation, to buying additional products through other vendors and managing a Re-Bath kiosk in a Home Depot location.

“This is the most exciting time this company has had since our founding,” says Marty Rasmussen, President of Re-Bath. “We have greater resources and have invested substantially to make the support we extend to our franchisees second-to-none. There are no other national players in this market, and so our goals of capturing the middle-class and upper-middle-class market are entirely realistic. Re-Bath made a market in 1979, and we are going to make a market again — by being the first bathroom remodeling franchise to capture the middle-class market.”

From onboarding to forging onward into your successful career

Re-Bath support starting a remodeling businessTo get our franchisees properly ramped up for success, onboarding training is spread over a 12-month period. Our training sessions are effective and engaging, rather than a short-term onslaught of overwhelming information.

The onboarding training covers a wide variety of ground: from site location counsel for your showroom, to becoming experts in our products, to learning our point-of-sale system, to the hiring and training of employees. The onboarding training also includes learning from and with a group of peers, and isn’t finished until after you are in your location with a secure sales target in place for the next year.

“We designed the training by going through the training ourselves,” Marty says. “We realized that giving all the training to our franchisees in a single box was not a valuable way to become educated in Re-Bath. Our franchisees are entering a new career, or diversifying their general contracting business by adding Re-Bath to their offering — we knew our training had to be the best in the industry. We recognize that this a big investment, and we want our franchisees to know how much we invest in them.”

Extensive training for your employees

Re-Bath franchise training starting a remodeling businessThe reputation of your business, as well as the Re-Bath brand, depends on the quality of your employees’ work in the field. It is of vital importance that your employees get the best training in the industry. We have developed a comprehensive certification program to ensure that your employees are qualified to install every single one of our product offerings.

“We have developed a best-in-class professional installation program for all our products,” says Curtis Ray, Director of Production. “The videos detail every aspect of installing all of our product offerings: how to lift the natural stone, how to cut it — that level of detail. They have to complete the training before they can enter a home and work a remodeling job. We have developed an application so that these videos can be downloaded by the employees while they are on a job. If they run into a problem of any kind, they can watch the training video on their phone and get the job done correctly. We have had so much success with our training videos that we will continue making them for the products that will launch in the future.”

In addition to developing training for your employees, we have a series of webinars and training modules for you. The training modules are developed by subject matter experts, who are available to you if you have any questions or run into any issues in your business.

We will help you remain successful

The Re-Bath corporate team is extremely accessible and makes frequent visits to our bathroom remodeling franchise owners. Over the course of a year, our franchisees have several opportunities to train and learn best practices in starting a remodeling business from their peer group, as well as from us. We offer eight training sessions on our sales system in different places around the nation, so that our franchisees do not have to travel very far. We also offer two sales summits a year, as well as one training session a month for installation at our corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona.

“We aggressively seek to help our franchise owners if they are struggling for whatever reason,” Marty says. “Once we identify the problem, we put a laser focus on it to build a solution to get their business back on track.”

From onboarding to the continued success of your business, no other franchise system can offer the level of training and ongoing support that Re-Bath extends to our bathroom remodeling franchise owners.


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