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What’s Our Relationship with Home Depot?

How our partnership with a leading home improvement retail chain drives business for Re-Bath home improvement franchises

Re-Bath & Home Depot partnership for home improvement franchisesFor the millions of Americans who frequent Home Depot locations, the iconic home improvement retail chain represents trust, knowledgeable workers, and a world of do-it-yourself projects in the making. How else would a brand come to be valued at an estimated $135 billion, according to Forbes?

When Home Depot offered the opportunity to place kiosks for Re-Bath home improvement franchises in their stores, we jumped at the chance. We’re now in 900 stores across the country, and the partnership has had an enormous positive impact on our franchisees’ profitability.

This partnership lends our franchisees immediate credibility and helps drive new business to their stores. The added bonus is that Home Depot doesn’t allow our competitors into their stores, which gives us exclusive access to the foot traffic that Home Depot stores generate.


“The relationship that we have with Home Depot drives 40 percent of our business,” says Lori Lund, President of the Re-Bath full bathroom remodeling franchise location in Phoenix, Arizona. “Even if the leads weren’t generated from our kiosk in Home Depot, when our customers find out about our relationship, they trust us immediately to do their remodeling project. This relationship has made our location, which was already profitable, even more profitable.”



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