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Re-Bath Remodeling Franchise Reviews

See why our franchise owners recommend buying a Re-Bath franchise:

We believe owning a Re-Bath remodeling franchise is not only a lucrative business to own, but that it is a fun business to operate with a bright future ahead of it. Don’t take our word for it; here are several Re-Bath franchise reviews from current owner:

Re-Bath franchise reviews from current owners

“It was a franchise that I thought I would be able to manage and grow. Over the past 8 years we have been able to do that. Almost tenfold actually. I would recommend anyone looking for a small business that they have a good network, a good support system in place.”

-David Duke, Kentucky

“I think the Re-Bath products are great. I think, you know obviously, in what we do it’s a little less about the product and a little more about the customer experience. But, if you were to have to narrow it down to just the product itself I mean I think that Re-Bath offers far and away the best product in terms of this type of application in the bathroom.”

-Spencer Shaw, Spokane, WA  and Meridian, ID

“Plug in to your regional community. Believe in the system. Believe in the process. It’s a proven process that has repeated itself hundreds of times. For me it’s pretty easy. I love what I do because I get to go out and help homeowners solve the problem in their bathroom. Whether it’s making it more functional, making it more beautiful, or updating the area. I actually get to go in there and help them. So it’s very easy to be passionate when I step inside that home and confident in our system, in our service that I know I can provide a solution and it’s going to be better than every other company and competition that walks through those doors.”

-Josh Agrelius, Austin, TX

“Well it’s certainly an advantage to have people that have experience in the business, that’s always a good thing. If you take advantage of that, most people are very willing to share whatever they have or whatever knowledge they have and so it’s a wonderful opportunity.”

-Kurt Kittleson, Phoenix, AZ

“Re-Bath products, because of the market trends, I mean it’s been isolated to essentially wall systems presently. It’s the honest to god truth. So I really see the benefit of Re-Bath as creating a system for the market trends which is full bath remodeling and all the things that entails.”

-Jeff Oslund, Troy, MI

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