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Re-Bath Franchise Review: David Duke

How a bathroom remodeling franchise owner built a lucrative career by following the Re-Bath business model

After ten years as the owner of a bathroom remodeling franchise in Louisville, Kentucky, David Duke is still committed to Re-Bath’s proven business model. Why? Because the Re-Bath model not only continues to provide him and his family with a nice income, but also because it allows him to thrive as an entrepreneur committed to customer service. In fact, a decade into his career as a bathroom remodeling franchise owner, David still commits to speaking with each and every one of his customers over the phone in order to ensure his team has exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Like many Re-Bath franchisees, David joined the iconic bathroom remodeling franchise after a long career in another industry. Prior to franchising with Re-Bath, David spent two decades in the shipping industry, where he grew tired of having to keep up technological developments, often at his own expense, in order to remain competitive. In the 10 years David has owned his Re-Bath location, he has seen extremely strong revenue growth, and he says his business continues to have a bright future. 

In this interview, we discuss what David loves about the Re-Bath brand and how the support of both the Re-Bath corporate team and our network of bathroom remodeling franchise owners helps David to flourish.

This is his story:

What do you like most about owning a bathroom remodeling franchise?

I’ve owned Re-Bath bathroom remodeling franchise in Louisville, Kentucky for 10 years. My passion for remodeling and my passion for entrepreneurship has really worked well together because it has offered me the opportunity to do what I want to do and control my income – to get my income to a level that is helpful for me and for my family. With Re-Bath, there really isn’t a limit as to how well you can do – the sky’s the limit if you work hard enough.

What did you do prior to franchising with Re-Bath?

I spent 20 years in the printing industry; for the last 10 of that 20 years, I owned my own business. As technology continued to grow, the industry became dependent on that technology. It didn’t make sense to keep pouring money into the new technology, in order to try and keep up with the other companies that were continuing to grow. When I made the decision to get out of that industry, I looked for something that I thought might be a little more technology friendly – when I stumbled across Re-Bath, it fit in with what I was looking for: in the end, you can’t build a robot that’s going to go in and remodel bathrooms.

How are you supported by the network of Re-Bath franchisees?

When I first got into the business, there were a lot of things that I didn’t quite understand, and a lot of things that I underestimated. What Re-Bath really offered me as a business owner, and what it offers the new franchisees coming in is a terrific network. If there is a problem that I am having, the problem is not new to the network – someone has had it before. You just have to find that Re-Bath franchisee and they will be happy to work you through your problems. Even 10 years into owning my Re-Bath franchise, I still reach out to guys who have been in the network for 15-20 years for help. Now there are franchisees who are quite younger than me who come to me for help: so now I can pay it forward.

What do you like about the Re-Bath business model?

Owning your own franchise with Re-bath gives you a little flexibility to stretch out as an entrepreneur. Re-Bath has a great business model, which you should follow because it does has a pattern of success. There’s some latitude within the model, which allows you to think for yourself and how your business can be successful in your community. To a certain extent, you can control your own marketing, your own salesmanship, some of your product offerings, which allows you the flexibility to meet the needs of your community and win business. By following the Re-Bath business model, there are a lot of advantages that allow you to grow your business.

What’s the most important aspect of your role as a Re-Bath franchise owner?

The one thing as owner that I never let go of or lose sight of is the importance of customer service. I personally handle the customer service aspect of my business, and I think that I always will handle it. At the end of every job, I take the opportunity to talk to the customer personally. The installer calls me from the job site, and I have a small conversation with the customer to make sure everything went well, because if there’s going to be any kind of issues or any kind of problems, I want to know right then, so that I can meet the customer’s needs. I think that these conversations that I have with our customers sets us apart from our competitors because that is a level of service that not many of our competitors, if any, offer to their customers.

After 10 years as a bathroom remodeling franchise owner, is your business still growing?

There’s still a lot of room for us to grow. We’ve recently taken on the 5 Day Kitchen brand, so that’s a whole new avenue that we’re exploring. There are a lot of markets where we can move into with our bathroom remodeling work as well; there’s a lot of opportunity, we’re not done growing yet!


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