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Next Steps

Ready to get in on the exploding remodeling industry?

Buying a Re-Bath franchise or converting your existing remodeling business to a Re-Bath franchise is a big decision! We’re recruiting talented and driven entrepreneurs and tradesmen who see the amazing opportunity our existing franchisees are taking advantage of.

We’re looking for committed partners who will thrive in our franchise network — not just anyone with a checkbook. We start with a mutual evaluation process that helps you learn if a Re-Bath franchise is a good fit for you and helps us understand yours skills and qualifications.

How do I get started?

As a first step, fill out the inquiry form or download our franchise information report. We’ll follow up with a call as soon as we receive your information and begin a conversation.

In general, here are the steps in our discovery process we’ve designed to help you learn about and make a sound decision about Re-Bath franchise ownership:

Introductory interview

Once we make initial contact, we’ll schedule a one hour interview where we can get to know you, understand your career and resume and get an idea of what you are looking to accomplish. We’ll explain how the business works and give you an overview of ownership basics.


Once we’ve completed the interview, we’ll schedule a winning formula webinar which also lasts about an hour. This webinar, which you can invite your spouse or partners to, helps you understand how you can use a Re-Bath franchise to achieve your goals as a business owner. We’ll get into detail about training, services, how you make money and a range of important information you’ll need to make a sound decision.

Franchise Application

Once you’ve completed the webinar, we’ll ask you to fill out our mini franchise application. This application is on our website and takes about 2 minutes to complete. We don’t ask for your social security number and we won’t use this to runa credit report. You won’t have any obligation to us for filling it out. It does, however, allow us to better understand what ype of financing you might qualify for and helps us craft some funding solutions to help you start your franchise. We require this application from all candidates before we can share our Franchise Disclosure Document with you. The application is below:


Franchise Disclosure Document Review

Once you’ve completed your mini franchise application, we’ll schedule a short webinar to review our Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD. The FTC requires all franchise systems to provide this legal document to you in a standard format prior to you purchasing a franchise. We’ll review the document, explain the sections and give you the information you need to best understand how to read through it.

Franchisee Validation

After you’ve reviewed the FDD and completed our webinar, we’re ready for you to start talking to our existing franchise owners. We’ll help you connect with franchisees in our system who are in a similar market or have a similar background as yourself and you’ll be free to communicate to as many as you want. Talking to franchisees, especially ones who are running a business similar to the one you are planning to open, can be the highlight of the discovery process. You’ll learn what makes top performers tick and how you can leverage other’s experience to grow your own business.

Leadership Call

We will schedule a call with our CEO after you’ve finished validation – we want you to be able to ask any question you have and explain to us why you think you would make a great Re-Bath owner. This is an open mic call – we want you to make sure you have all the information you need to make a well informed decision.

Discovery Day Visit

Once you’re ready, we’ll schedule a formal visit to our corporate offices and the Re-Bath manufacturing plant. You’ll spend the day with us, tour the plant and meet our key leadership. It’s the highlight of the discovery process and you’ll enjoy the day.


If you like what you see, you’ll make a formal decision to become an owner and we’ll make a decision to award you a franchise. Often, this happens during discovery day and it can happen afterwards as well.






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