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Meet the Management Team

Brad Hillier - CEO Re-Bath franchise leadershipBrad Hillier – CEO

Brad Hillier served as COO and CFO of Re-Bath® for four years before being promoted to CEO in March 2015 for his ability to think strategically about where Re-Bath® needed to move in the remodeling industry. As a leader, Brad forecasts industry trends and measures the impact they will have on the Re-Bath® and Home Brands Group™ business so that Re-Bath® will grow with changing consumer needs.

Prior to Re-Bath, LLC, Brad spend eight years at KPMG—a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. As Managing Director, he led the company’s U.S. restructuring practice and was the global coordinator for forensic and investigation services to private equity firms.

Since starting at Re-Bath, LLC, Brad has continuously made strides to simplify the Re-Bath® product mix including introducing DuraBath™ Natural Stone wall systems, DuraBath™ SSP Designer Shower Bases and the Re-Bath® Walk-in Tub Series.

Seeing the manufacturing company and franchising company as two separate businesses, Brad has dedicated two teams to expedite the needs of each business which has increased production productivity allowing for the ability to increase our product line without increasing lead times for our franchisees.

Brad’s current goals are to create a business plan for our franchisees that will allow them to embrace the changing demographic and industry needs by providing clear processes, a diverse product line and the adoption of advanced technology to match the digital millennium.

As we grow as a Network, Brad would like to see a greater adoption of participation from the Network on the new product offerings supplied by Re-Bath, LLC and the incorporation of advanced technologies including a new CRM platform later this year.

Marty Rasmussen - President Re-Bath Franchise LeadershipMarty Rasmussen – President
Marty Rasmussen led one of the largest and most successful Re-Bath® franchises for the last three years before joining the Re-Bath, LLC team in October 2014. Marty’s extensive experience in corporate turnarounds, combined with his years as General Manager of Re-Bath® by Schicker, gives him the right experience to move Re-Bath® franchisees from a dealer model to a true franchise system.

While at Re-Bath, LLC, Marty has restructured the corporate team to follow a model that operates in nearly the same structure as our franchisee’s businesses. Known as “The System”, Marty has built a dedicated Re-Bath® team to serve under the following modules: Marketing, Sales, Production, Customer Experience, Office Management and Executive Development. This restructure will help focus Re-Bath, LLC’s efforts in developing the right trainings, procedures and tools to aid our franchisees enhancements to capture an additional, larger demographic—the middle third.

Since its start in 1979, Re-Bath® has seen many improvements including moving from a dealership model to a franchise model and selling liners to providing full-service bathroom remodeling. Today, Re-Bath® must again update it’s business to service a changing demographic that will ultimately increase the cost of our average sold jobs.
At Reunion 2015, Marty introduced the Middle Third. As we develop our business to understand and communicate with this demographic, new technologies and processes will need to be enriched to differentiate ourselves from our competition. One key concept we will need to adopt is incorporating design into our current sales process and system.

In this digital age, our customers are more educated because of websites like Houzz. They expect more in order to understand their purchase. If we don’t adapt to what the consumer has grown to expect, someone else in the industry will.

Kelsey MaxonKelsey Maxon – Marketing Manager
Kelsey Maxon has been with Re-Bath, LLC for one year and has 12 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Kelsey has extensive knowledge in digital marketing strategy, cross-channel marketing, campaign development, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), email automation, social media strategy, content creation, and creative direction. Kelsey’s primary function as the Marketing Manager for Home Brands Group is to create a recognized brand for Re-Bath that reaches our target market including enhancements to reach the middle third and secondary target audiences like universal access. She will also be responsible for identifying franchisee needs and providing on-going marketing consultations. Her current goal for the Re-Bath Marketing Module is to rebuild the marketing structure to show a consistent transition from awareness, to lead generation, to sales through a series of highly-targeted campaigns to various market segments. She also intends to create an enhanced marketing message that incorporates the middle third and implements Re-Bath 2.0, which includes adding design into the overall message.

Sharby Kennard - Director of Customer ExperienceSharby Kennard – Director of Customer Experience
Sharby Kennard recently joined the Re-Bath, LLC team as the Director of Customer Experience. With 15 years of customer experience, process improvement and analyzing consumer insights knowledge, she has developed a proven track record of successfully leading and improving overall performance.

Sharby’s primary functions are obtaining a complete understanding of the Re-Bath® system and how customer experience impacts each module. She will analyze voice of customer data to create process improvement strategies with the other module Directors that can be translated cohesively to the field.

Sharby’s primary goals are to build relationships with the Network to better understand their strengths and needs. Using her Six Sigma background, she plans to streamline the voice of customer process which includes improving Re-Bath®’s overall reputation management

Jeremy Wallace - Franchise Development DirectorJeremy Wallace -Vice President of Franchise Development
Jeremy joined ReBath as our Director of Franchise Development in 2013. His proven track record of developing and executing comprehensive procedures drives business development, improves efficiency, and ensures franchisee satisfaction. Jeremy is a noted mentor adept at employee training and development, with extensive experience managing cross-functional teams. Before joining ReBath, Jeremy served as Principal/Partner with Dinan and Company for nearly 15 years.

Curtis RayCurtis Ray -Director of Production
Curtis Ray has been with Re-Bath, LLC for almost a year. Prior to Re-Bath, Curtis worked in the kitchen and bathroom industry for over 11 years including working closely in the development of a natural stone bathroom and kitchen remodeling solution.

Curtis’ primary functions include developing new and fresh products and a world-class installation system to expand franchisee business to increase installation revenue while gaining a competitive edge over our competitors.

His current goals are to develop and implement a professional installation certification program through various methods—online videos, manuals, and hands-on trainings. Curtis is also actively researching and developing new, innovative products to add to the Re-Bath® product line that will aid in making Re-Bath® the industry leader in bathroom remodeling.


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