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How Much Can I Make?

What makes Re-Bath bathroom franchises a profitable business?

It’s no secret that Re-Bath franchisees are running lucrative businesses; we are a nationally known brand with millions of bathroom remodels under our belt. As a brand, we’re committed to developing innovative products that are well ahead of market trends, and our latest product offering of natural stone is pushing us into the middle-class and upper-middle-class markets — where there isn’t significant competition for remodeling franchise revenue.

“This is a very exciting time to be a part of Re-Bath,” says Jeremy Wallace, Vice President of Franchise Development with Re-Bath. “While there is significant competition in the lower third and upper third of the bathroom remodeling industry, we are entirely focused on going after the middle third of the market: those with incomes between $40,000 and $100,000. We are squarely targeting the middle and upper-middle class. This segment is almost entirely without competition, save for small-time contractors. As of now, there is no national brand that dominates this very lucrative segment of the industry. We are aggressively pursuing this segment and have comprehensive plans to become the dominant brand.”

The extensive and ongoing training and support that we offer to our franchisees is designed to help increase profitability and remodeling franchise revenue. Because we are in the remove and replace business (meaning that we do not typically move walls, tear into drywall, or move electrical or plumbing), it is of vital importance that our franchisees and their employees do great work in a short amount of time. For all of our product offerings, we have video tutorials to show our franchisees’ employees how to do a job correctly. The videos can be stored on their smartphones, and thus are accessible while a job is in progress. According to our research, we’re much, much faster at doing full bathroom remodels than our competitors: a Re-Bath bathroom remodeler franchise owner will take three to five days to complete a full bathroom remodel, while the industry standard is three to five weeks.

Re-Bath systems help increase remodeling franchise revenue

“There are several reasons Re-Bath is well-positioned to be the dominant national brand in the upper-middle class market: We are a manufacturing company and a product-sourcing company. We have a proprietary line of products exclusively available to our franchisees. We have relationships with vendors to help our franchisees purchase items for full bathroom remodels,” Re-Bath CEO Brad Hillier says.

“As the biggest national brand in the bathroom remodeling space, we help our franchisees take advantage of our brand and name recognition. We’ve become a brand that is a differentiator for both entrepreneurs who want to get into the industry and for existing general contractors. We help you buy better and save money; we help to keep you competitive and win business.”

For more information on earnings projections, please consider the table below, taken from our 2015 Franchise Disclosure Document:

Average Annual Gross Sales Attained by Reporting Franchised Businesses For the Period From January 1, 2015 through December 31,2015

Percentage Rank (in Terms of Gross Sales) of Reporting Franchised BusinessesAverage Annual Gross Sales Attained by This GroupNumber in This
Number in Group That Attained This Level of Sales or GreaterPercentage of Group That Attained This Level of Sales or GreaterNumber and Percent of All Reporting Franchised Businesses That Attained This Level of Sales or Greater
Top Quartile
(0 – 25%)
Second Quartile
(26% - 50%)
Third Quartile
(51% - 75%)
Bottom Quartile
(76% - 100%)

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